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About Me

I'm a fourth year computer science student in Trinity College Dublin. I'm pretty passionate about Computers, and like to work on a couple side projects whenever I'm bored. I'm still a student so I like to play around a lot with new languages and frameworks, but usually when I need to get some work done, Javascript or Python are my go-to languages. I'm currently on an internship with Mastercard Ireland, but I still enjoy tinkering and learning new things in my spare time. For a fairly current look at my shenanigans, check out my Github. For a better look at my skills, check out the skills section below.

My Experience

I've come a pretty long way since I started working back in the Summer of 2015, but I'll try summarise everything as best I can. The below only details professional work I've done, drop me an email and I can send you on my CV with more details on college and open source projects.


Software Development Intern

January 2017 - Present

At Mastercard, I work within Enterprise Security Solutions to develop fraud detection & prevention products. I work as part of the development team on products, as well as my own intern project. Working in Mastercard was my first experience in a large scale, corporate environment. It was a bit of a culture shock at first but I've adapted well. In Mastercard I find developers are given a lot of autonomy, in that I am never micro-managed as an intern. At first I was given a project to work on, and with no background knowledge of the project I had to make an effort myself to move forward in the project, as opposed to waiting to be helped by team mates.

  • Languages: Java, Javascript, Python, XML
  • Frameworks: Nodejs
  • Servlets: Apache Tomcat, Redhat JBoss
  • Tools: Maven, Eclipse, Subversion
  • Skills: Communication, Version Control, Agile Methods (Scrum, Incremental, Scale Agile)


Software Engineering Intern

June 2016 - September 2016

Working at PageFair was my most beneficial experience to date. They taught me software engineering was so much more than just programming; they taught me how to really push ideas and make them grow, to work as part of a team to deliver a product, to really understand and use Agile methodologies to plan and complete projects, and the importance of a great cohesive team. At PageFair, I worked as part of an intern team under the close supervision of senior developers to develop tools that would actually be used by the company and it's customers, and really got the opportunity to apply my knowledge from college and hone my skills.

  • Languages: Javascript, Python
  • Frameworks: Nodejs, Flask, Chrome Extensions
  • Tools: Redis, Bitbucket, Vim, Docker, Selenium, Phantomjs
  • Test Tools: Mocha, Chai, Chai as Promised, Sinon, Sinon-Chrome, Python unittest
  • Skills: Communication, Version Control, Agile Methods (Scrum, Incremental and Waterfall Development)


IT Administrator

June 2015 - September 2015

Working at Arizun I had a much more business focused role as, working on the design of two internal management systems, while also collaborating with the web consultancy firm Aqubix based in Malta to develop Arizun's website. While with Arizun, I was the only one working in IT, so I was also tasked with modifying and Managing tables in Arizun's MSSQL Database, converting forms to an online format that could be completed on mobile and desktop devices alike. The most interesting aspect of my work here was the research involved. Arizun is a financial company working in property management, and as such different teams in Arizun needed to be able to communicate efficiently with each other. I feel I learned a great deal while designing the two management systems about how to improve communication between teams without sacrificing efficiency. At the end of the internship I produced 3 Software Requirement Specifications, One of which already being implemented.

  • Languages: Javascript, UML, HTML, CSS
  • Tools: Photoshop, Microsoft Office,
  • Skills: Communication


Volunteer Web Developer

June 2015 - July 2015

Montehealth is an Irish startup formed by former DCU Students in an effort to improve Irish healthcare experience through the use of communication app. I was the first developer on the team and it was also my first time working on backend infrastructure in a professional setting. Working with Montehealth, I was tasked with setting up a server for the company to use to host their website and develop the product on. Within a month I completed the company's website and hosted it on a yahoo web server running apache2 and PHP. The frontend was built using Jquery and Bootstrap, and a MySQL database hosted on the server.

  • Languages: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Tools: MySql, Apache2, Github
  • Skills: Database creation and management, Server Setup, Version Control


Volunteer Web Developer

May 2015 - September 2015

This was my first job in a professional setting, where I worked with a team of Developers much more senior than I to develop a web communication app that could be used by costume designers in the film industry to coordinate wardrobes for actors/actresses. My role was mainly in frontend development, where I developed the user interface for the app using Bootstrap and the Angular JS framework.

  • Languages: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python
  • Frameworks: AngularJs
  • Tools: MySql, Github, Google App Engine
  • Skills: UI Design, Version Control, Agile Methods (Scrum, Incremental and Waterfall Development)

My Skills


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